Diversity Fair Cancelled


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This year, the diversity fair was to have taken place in the main gym on April 17th.

The event, hosted and planned by the diversity club, allows students to teach their peers

about different cultures. It was inevitably cancelled due to people not signing up to

participate. This was upsetting news for the students who were planning to take a part in

the event and had already started setting up their booths. “I’m sad it was cancelled

because we spent most of the year trying to plan for it and bringing up ideas in a lot of

our meetings,” said senior Alyssa Knight, who is currently the president of the diversity

club. In previous years, the fair took place every year, but now it only occurs every other

year. This change may be the cause for the lack of students willing to take part in the

event. As the diversity fair did not occur last year, the sophomores and freshmen did not

have the opportunity to witness the fair and realize what it was about. Also according to

Knight, the name “diversity” fair seems to frighten some people. “A lot of people would

say that I’m not diverse. So we are definitely going to work on ways so that people feel

welcome, so for next year it could be a lifestyle or different interest that they are

welcome to share with the school,” said Knight. Though the future of the fair is uncertain,

there will be some major changes next year in order to encourage students to participate

in this event. The diversity club plans to present ideas further in advance and have more

advertisements displayed around the school in regards to the fair. They hope that next

year more people will sign up and the fair will have a chance to occur.