Late blizzards take a toll on spring sports


This picture was also taken outside. It was really cold.

Lucas Pham

In the past week, unusually late and severe snowstorms plowed through Eden Prairie and the surrounding Twin Cities, dumping around a foot of snow.  While much of the snow has already melted, many EPHS’ spring sports teams are still feel the storms’ long-term effects.

Multiple Eden Prairie sports teams have all been set back due to game postponements, and the track and field meet at Armstrong was cancelled entirely.  The girls’ lacrosse team were also forced to cancel their K-8 clinic due to the weather. Replacement dates for postponed games will have to be scheduled on days teams would otherwise carry out practice.

The bad weather also had less obvious consequences for at least on team.  Senior boys’ tennis captain Mike Leiter said, “For the matches we’ve had, we’ve had to play indoors.  So the team has had to pool money to use the Lifetime Fitness courts in Eden Prairie.” For the boys’ tennis team, practice was also hard to come by, as the Lifetime courts were sometimes already occupied by others.

This is not the only way teams are affected the snow.  Playing ability, at least in some teams, could be affected as well.  “We usually practice outside, but this year we couldn’t,” Leiter said.  “If we play a team that has more time to play outside, we could be at a disadvantage.”

The snow has made participating in spring sports difficult for many at EPHS.  Hopefully, this most recent thaw will be a permanent one.