Taste of EP


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Most people have seen advertisements for Taste of Eden Prairie set up around the city, but fewer people know what it is. “It’s a big fundraiser for the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools, which gives grants to the whole school district and does scholarships,” said Claire Zurn, a National Honor Society officer and committee head for the National Honor Society’s role in Taste of EP. The actual event invites restaurants from around the city to set up tables and offer food. After an initial price to get in the door, the rest of the food is free. “It’s a lot of different types of food. Kona was there this year, with sushi,” Zurn said. Starting last year, the National Honor Society has served as student volunteer coordinators for the event. This involves helping restaurants with set-up, taking tickets, and running a coat check. “We were asked to be the in-between between the board of the foundation and the student volunteers so that the board could be taking care of more important things,” Zurn said. The event also hosts games, a silent auction, and live music. In 2014, the event was able to raise $68,000 for teacher and staff grants.