The increasing popularity of oddly satisfying videos

In the last year or so, oddly satisfying videos have been spreading all over Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. These soothing videos display many different satisfying yet odd acts people do on social media that attract many viewers. These satisfying videos can also be considered a part of ASMR.

These videos consist of cutting soap, playing with slime in different patterns, mixing paint and many other strangely satisfying things. So why are they so popular? Well, these videos create symmetry and balance an item, leaving the viewer satisfied and somehow more relaxed.

In the article, “Why #OddlySatisfying Videos are so… Satisfying” by Stephanie Pappas, she mentions a survey stating “of 475 ASMR-video-watching volunteers also found that 80 percent of those people said ASMR videos improved their mood while watching the videos and for a few hours afterward.” Mood improvements seem to be a common motivator for Youtube viewers and other social media consumers to watch the videos they choose.

Aesthetic enjoyment is another factor that contributes to the rising views of these videos. So the next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, or come across one of these videos on Youtube, watch it! These aesthetically pleasing ideals could relax you, aesthetically please you and improve your mood.