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Are Open-Book Tests Better?

found on www.supportingeducation.org

Anthony Rosa

June 3, 2015

Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education in India has allowed open book exams to be administered to students. This is a response to the institution of cheating among Indian students, which includes the bribery of police officers, teachers, principals, and school board directors. This alternative...

Ways to Stay Motivated

graphic by Amie Stager

Abby Warrick and Grace Kasbohm

November 13, 2014

With a new quarter starting up, many students have a motivated mindset and are determined to keep their grades up. It is refreshing to start a new quarter, but as weeks go by, it is easy to become distracted and unmotivated. So, what can you do to stay on a successful path? If you are ever in a lazy,...

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