Concerts are “Never Really Over”… They Just Happen Differently: Johnny Orlando Concert Review


Picture credits: Johnny Orlando, Universal Music Canada

Amirah Razman

Canadian singer-songwriter and social media influencer Johnny Orlando delivered an outstanding performance in his final show of the “It’s Never Really Over” virtual world tour. The tour, which kicked off on November 28 and was hosted by event platform Moment House, connected fans from all over the globe digitally in an hour-long performance filled with songs from Orlando’s discography and recent EP entitled “It’s Never Really Over.” Orlando wowed fans with emotional performances along with impeccable production, making the event a success. 

A Change in Scenery 

Orlando surprised fans with multiple different renditions of his songs. One of his songs, entitled “Piece of My Heart,” was performed with a more energetic, rock-like tone which diverged from the original track’s preppy beat.

Another song that took fans aback was his rendition of “What If,” a song that is normally sung as a duet. Orlando performed the song solo, which got fans anticipating whether his duet partner for the song, fellow social media influencer Mackenzie Ziegler, would make an appearance. Regardless, Orlando’s approach to performing both songs was a highlight of the concert. 

Fans were also touched by his emotional rendition of “Flaws,” which was a mellow song that he said was about “all the things that are wrong about me.” Orlando knelt down on the stage while singing as if he was showing his vulnerability. 

However, the somber mood lifted as he transitioned from “Flaws” to “The Most,” one of his older and more jubilant songs. “We [him and the fans] were down here, now we need to get back here,” Orlando said when wrapping up “Flaws.” His performance of “The Most” got fans up and running again as they enjoyed a throwback song of his.

Orlando said that his EP was written to showcase all his emotions as he transitions from a teenage boy to a young man, and his performances definitely showcased that variety of different emotions. 

Lights, Camera, Action 

Another aspect of the concert that helped make the show such a success was the way the stage lights and cameras were utilized throughout the performance. 

For instance, during Orlando’s stripped-down performance of “Deep Down,” the lights were toned down to a purplish hue, which added on to the calmness of the performance. In contrast, his upbeat performances of “Everybody Wants You” and “Last Summer” made for a visually-appealing stage presence as the lights changed colors during beat drops to add to the energizing atmosphere. The visual appeal of his performances heightened fans’ excitement and made the concert very engaging. 

Since this was a virtual concert, the usage of cameras was obviously prevalent. During the whole show, the camera angles switched frequently to ensure fans got the most of what they were viewing on their screens. Some camera angles focused on Orlando’s band, while others focused more closely on Orlando, specifically his face. During several points of the show, the camera would switch over to a closeup of Orlando’s face as if he was looking directly at his fans.

Making Moments 

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Orlando was not able to put on an actual in-person tour. The whole tour was hosted on Moment House, a platform that hosts live events.

Fans who were unfamiliar with the platform would find out that it was very organized and user-friendly, which made the concert experience much more enjoyable. 

Unlike other websites, Moment House was, for the most part, very functional. The video playback was seamless, with barely any lagging or major technical issues. Should any lagging occur, which only did when fans spammed the chat feature or if you were experiencing bad WiFi connection, it was very brief. With a successful platform to watch performances on, Johnny Orlando fans were able to enjoy his concert with little to no issues. 

My Overall Review 

The tour came at just the right time for many fans. With all the chaotic events happening all over the world, this tour allowed fans to relax and forget about their problems for an hour. Taking my perspective into account, I think the concert was done wonderfully. Orlando performed all of his songs with such powerful vocals and instrumentals, I would not be surprised if fans had a party in their rooms. The engaging elements of the show, as discussed earlier, really made the show feel normal. 

A couple of minor downsides of the whole show was that it was incredibly short. In a non-COVID world, a concert that is only an hour long would practically have concertgoers complaining for days. While both of his EPs were not very long, it would’ve been awesome to see him perform more of his older songs or even covers. 

While I did enjoy the concert, I did not feel the gratifying and exhilarating feeling that emerges during in-person concerts. It almost felt like I was watching the performance on YouTube, where I would remember some aspects of the performance and not others. It didn’t feel as satisfying as watching an in-person performance, but this concert was pulled together very well given the circumstances. 

A Show-Stopping End 

The American leg of the tour was the final leg, and Orlando pulled it off sufficiently. His tour will be one for the books that fans will always look back on. Even in the current circumstances, he never failed to please his fans with beautifully-done renditions of his songs. The show was by far a big success, and it was even more gratifying to see his fans unite over his music. Music has brought people together during a tumultuous year, and there’s no doubt that Orlando did just that with his tour and will continue to be successful in future performances.