‘Tis the Season of Different Holiday Opinions


Amirah Razman

The holidays are an exciting time of year worldwide. From colorful lights to festive clothing, people find unique ways to celebrate the holidays. One thing that is very popular, yet very controversial, is holiday music. Many people either love holiday music or hate it. 

A Twitter poll conducted on our Twitter account showed that the majority of people do like holiday music; however, there were a few exceptions. One Twitter user explained that holiday music is enjoyable when only played during the holiday season. Another Twitter user said that some holiday songs are okay, while others are “poorly sung, boring, uncreative, or all of the above.” 

I also surveyed a small group of students on an Instagram poll asking if playing holiday music before December was a great idea or not a great idea. A majority of poll-takers agreed that playing holiday music before December is tolerable; remarks from those who tolerated it ranged from “It’s never too early [to play holiday music]” to “It [holiday music fever] should start whenever you’re in the mood.” This may be the most common reason why some people begin to listen to holiday music once Halloween passes – it helps them get into the spirit. One person  said that because their mom’s birthday is on November 30, their family plays holiday music immediately after. 

However, there were people who disagreed with listening to music before December. Those people claimed that “the songs can get stuck in your head”, which could lead to the music not being as enjoyable once the holiday season approaches. That is understandable – while holiday songs can be cheerful and uplifting, they can get tirelessly old once the holiday season rolls around. Another person emphasized a point that holiday music should only be played during the holidays – that is why it’s called “holiday music”, after all. 

As for me, I do not celebrate the holidays, so I do not embrace holiday music in the same way as those who do celebrate the holidays do. However, I do think holiday music is enjoyable because of their uplifting vibe and the way it makes other people feel. Also, some songs are really catchy. It’s impossible to get them out of my head sometimes because of the bubbly lyrics and exciting instrumentals. However, no matter your holiday music opinions (or whether or not you celebrate the holidays), it is a big part of the holiday season.