Before Graduating…


Anya Otterson

EPHS Students enjoy the Middle Eastern Crisis and Conflict class


At EPHS, there are a wide variety of classes to choose from and each subject provides unique classes for students to take. With all the different classes to pick it can get overwhelming. To help relieve the stress of choosing, her is a quick guide of recommended classes to take before graduating.

Possibly one of the most popular classes this year that many students seem to endlessly talk about is called the Middle East: crisis and conflict. As the name applies, the class focuses on certain regions of the Middle East like the Palestinian and Israel territories. Students who take this class have the opportunity to learn about the political, social, and economical atmosphere of the Middle East. This is a great class for student to take if they enjoy politics and like to engage in heated debates.

Another highly recommended class to take before graduating is child psychology and parenting. You might have seen the classroom with the decorated walls and toys scattered throughout the room that located by the main gym and have wondered what class took place in there. If you love children and are thinking of going in career that involves children, this is a great class to take and you gain experience working with kids. The first quarter of the classes focuses on studying the behavior and mind of children. The second quarter consists of running a preschool where students teach with three to five year olds. This is definitely a fun class to take before graduating.

Another class people seem to really enjoy is advanced placement comparative politics. People may be intimidated by the fact that it is an AP class, but it is class that is worthwhile. The class focuses on the government and politics of five countries: the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Nigeria, and Mexico. It’s something you won’t regret trying and you gain a new perspective on life after taking it.

There are many other equally fun classes to take. The list ranges from film studies to anatomy and every class provides a unique experience for students. It is just a matter of finding what you are interested in. So when it comes time to sign up for classes, pick ones that you think you will enjoy taking and not ones your friend is taking. You spend four long years is high school, make it a good experience.