Distance makes the heart grow fonder?


Relationships take all types of forms; especially in high school. As we transition through the stages of high school, each year we seem to take on a different challenge with a changed perspective. However, something that high school students seem to always have on their mind is love. As the class of 2017, then 2018, then 2019 all leave this nest we have grown (slightly) fond of, we have to decide where we stand on our independence and our relationships. Seniors this year will be going into various parts of the state, country, or world; but they will continue coming home. For many it is because they have a boyfriend or girlfriend they get to see on the few instances they have a break.

With modernized technology and the digitization of our world, it seems that long distance relationships are becoming shorter and shorter. However, long distance relationships are still a big decision to process. Juniors Mira Subramanian and Alex Weisshaar discussed with me their thoughts on the matter. “I think that the actual, physical miles do play a part in if I would do long distance or not,” Subramanian stated, “At the end of the day, at least for now, I would not consider doing long distance. Especially not when I go to  college, where I want the independence.”

Do the miles between couples play a part in the choice to stay together or not? What are some of the challenges that may arise?These are all questions to be considered before beginning or continuing a relationship long distance. “It is a lot of work but you can do it; there is a big time commitment that goes into communicating and you have to live without the physical aspects,” Weisshaar said. The lack of physical intimacy, even just a simple hug, can be hard to adjust initially. Weisshaar went into more detail about her opinion on the topic by saying, “There are pros and cons that you should consider. I think you need to always have a goal for the relationship.”

When you decide to do long distance, it should be made after extensive consideration. Whichever path you take, pursuing a relationship will only help you grow as an individual and with your partner. However, there will be ups and downs, along with a new sense of loneliness in the relationship. But in the end, maybe distance does make the heart grow fonder and, ultimately, when the distance shortens it will have been worth the wait.