Explore the Role of Justice in Adjudication Nation- Q&A


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Margaret Holmes

Adjudication Nation is a brand-new class being offered next year.  Josh Wenzel, head of the social studies department, shares more information about it below. Responses have been edited for clarity.

What’s a quick overview of Adjudication Nation?

It is a class about civil law and justice in our society. It’s an explanation of our judicial and court system. And we also look at aspects of justice, with philosophical questions. Some examples are: ‘What is justice?’

Are there any prerequisites for this class?

You have to be either a junior or a senior. 

What are you most excited about for next year?

I think it’s a class that’s going to be very relevant and applicable for students. Because especially in the world we live in now, in the US, the issues going on are legitimate. They have always been legitimate, but it seems like that question of justice has risen to the top a little bit in our society. So having students explore current aspects of criminal law and justice in our current society, as well as consider what should be, is really beneficial for students.

Who would you recommend take this class?

Students that want to further their understanding of current issues in the United States and who like to discuss and debate issues, as well as students who may have an interest in going into the law or some aspect of criminal justice. 

Are you going to only talk about the legal system in the US or are you going to talk about the legal system in other countries?

The focus is certainly going to be on the United States but there might be a little bit of other countries. Those countries would probably be used as a comparative system to the US’s legal system.

For more information on registration, visit the school’s registration hub.