Go Inside Your Head With AP Psychology– Q&A

Margaret Holmes

AP Psychology is a college-level course that goes more in-depth than the regular Psychology course option. Josh Wenzel, head of the social studies department, shares information on this new class below. Responses have been edited for clarity.

What topics will be covered in AP Psychology?

AP Psychology will cover different psychological theories about how people behave and why. It will talk about nature vs nurture, different cognitive and behavioral development, along with different psychological disorders. 

Are there any prerequisites for this class?

You have to be a junior or a senior.

Who would you recommend take this class?

Students who have an interest in psychology, students who have an interest in understanding why humans behave as they do, students who like to consider different theories and different studies, and students who are considering going into the field of psychology should all consider taking this course.

What would you say to students who are hesitant to take this class because it is a college-level course?

I would encourage students who haven’t had many college-level classes here at the high school but are looking to pursue one to take this class. I think AP psychology is a rigorous course, but it is an accessible course. 

What other careers, besides the ones obviously having to do with psychology, do you think this class could tie into?

I think education and teaching, and criminal justice careers, whether it be the police force or the legal system. Maybe people going into the medical field or different health fields could benefit from this class.

For more information on registration, visit the school’s registration hub.