ENN Staff’s Picks of Seven Electives You Should Take Next Year


While you’re signing up for next year’s classes, take a look at all the different elective options that Eden Prairie offers as well! Here are a few of our staff’s favorites.

1. Food Fundamentals

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Students will learn how to cook basic food items, such as macaroni and cheese. It is the prerequisite class for Gourmet Foods. The class is perfect for people who want to pursue a career in culinary arts or who just want to learn how to cook as a life skill. Any student can take this course regardless of prior cooking experience. As an added bonus, students will even get to eat the food they make! –Amirah Razman

2. Creative Writing

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In this class, students will be given writing prompts and ideas that will allow them to practice their creativity. There are no essays involved, just a lot of fun freestyle writing. Students write anything ranging from short stories, film scripts, and journal entries. This class is perfect for aspiring writers or for students looking to enjoy an English elective. –Amirah Razman

3. Keyboarding

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Keyboarding is arguably one of the most important classes that I’ve taken here at the High School. In this class, you practice typing through fun activities, learning programs, games and more. In addition to typing, you learn how to format an email and use various computer applications such as spreadsheets.  I have used the skills in this class every day and it has tremendously benefited me in the long run. –Anika Lange

4. Assassination Fascination

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In this class, you will learn about the assassinations of MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, Lincoln, JFK, and more. The class also touches on different state-sponsored assassinations as well as some failed attempts. This class is super interesting and goes in-depth to talk about the individual assassins, motives and conspiracies. I strongly recommend taking this class especially if you love history. –Anika Lange

5. Interior Design

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 This class is super relaxing and valuable for people who want to learn home decorating skills. You make your own house using a 3D program and decorate it according to the interior design guidelines. This class is great for people who are interested in color schemes and organization. It is a project-based class that goes at a slower pace so you never feel rushed. 

6. Ceramics

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Ceramics is art class at its finest: it’s messy (borderline chaotic), the designs you choose have no bounds, and if you do it right you won’t need to buy anyone a birthday present for the next year– you can just keep gifting all the misshapen mugs you make in class. Learning to make different pots and cups on the wheel, although at times frustrating, can give you that much-needed mental break of the day. Clay does not make for the easiest clean-up, however, so for those wary of a mess, try your hand in some other class. –Maneeya Leung

7. ENN (Advanced Broadcast Journalism Eagle News Network)

Credit: 1 per term (up to four terms per year)

This list of our favorite electives wouldn’t be complete without some shameless self-promotion, so for the curious, the creatively-inclined, or those who are looking for a bit of fun, join ENN and be part of our amazing student team! Writing, filming, interviewing and editing are just a few of the roles you can pick up at ENN, and we’re currently accepting applications for the next school year. Apply here! –Maneeya Leung