Is social media controlling you?

By Alaina Alwin

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. All of the types of social media teens use these days. Do you ever get jealous when you find out what your friends are doing and you aren’t invited? Do you feel the need to post something scandalous to get attention from your followers? Our problem in society today is that people continue to depend on social media for a recognition.

We look on Twitter to see what the new buzz is. We look on Instagram to see what people did over the weekend. We look on Snapchat to see what our friends did last night. Even when something tragic happens, people are quick to resort to social media and post about it. People are more confident behind the screen than face-to-face. Confrontation becomes our generations weakness.

When our society is based off of looks and what you wear shows who you really are as a person, it creates an abundance of insecurities for both, men and women. Stalking pictures of famous people on Instagram and Twitter becomes an obsession for ourselves to attain their perfection.

In 2011, a study from the University of Haifa of 248 girls ages 12 to 19 found that the “more time girls spend on Facebook, the more they suffered conditions of bulimia, anorexia, physical dissatisfaction, negative physical self-image, negative approach to eating and more of an urge to be on a weight-loss diet,” according to Daily Beast.

Eating disorders are just another control method that social media has inflicted onto us.  It is just the fact that we, the people, do not notice the control it has over us. So, if someone were to ask if social media was controlling you. What would you say?