Spring cleaning and organization tips!


We all are guilty of letting time get the best of us, saying “I’ll clean that later,” or “I’ll find a better home for those papers tomorrow”, but somehow tomorrow just never comes. So here’s a few tips and ideas to help clean and declutter your room so maybe you won’t have to put it off any longer.

Spring cleaning 101:

My first tip is whenever you are cleaning always start from the top and work your way down! Thanks to Pintrest and Ablissfulnest.com here are a few cleaning tips everyone can try. When cleaning your bedroom, you’ll want to make sure to clean everything. This is supposed to be a place to relax and rejuvenate for the next day to come, but that can’t be very easy to do in a messy room.

Begin cleaning your room by dusting, starting with light fixtures, fans, shelves, knick knacks, baseboards, curtains, all furniture and even vents.

Once you’re done dusting, pick up all rugs or mats on your floor. Bring these rugs outside and shake them out really well. Once you’ve shaken out your rugs, leave them in a separate room or even outside if it is a nice day. Next wash your windows. Using Windex and paper towels start at the top and work your way down. Cleaning off the dirt and grime from your windows will make it so much easier for the bright and warm sunlight to come streaming in.

After washing your windows, move onto your bedding. The best part about cleaning your bedding is having a nice warm and fluffy comforter to lay in that night. It’s a good idea to wash your bedding every two weeks if not every week, but how many of us really have time for that? Anyway, I figure if you’re going to be cleaning the rest of your room why not your bedding too? Besides using this as a final touch, after cleaning off your light fixtures there’s a pretty good chance some excess dirt and dust have fallen off onto your bedding as well as the floor. Yuck.

Now that you’ve made it to the bottom of your room make sure to clear off your floor space and pick up everything that could get in the way of a broom or vacuum. Once everything has been picked up very thoroughly, sweep your room, making sure to go under and around hard-to-reach spots. Once you’ve finished sweeping, bring in the vacuum to go the extra mile. If you’re really into cleaning, you can bring in a mop or a swiffer to be extra sure you got it all.

Once your bedding is dried, make your bed just the way you like it.

Congratulations, it is finally tomorrow, and you no longer need to put off cleaning your room.

Now that you have a freshly clean room, here are some easy organization tips to help declutter your room and to help keep it clean longer brought to you by hometreeatlas.com.

Some common clutter areas found in your bedroom: Bedside tables, dressing tables/ vanities, counters, inside closets, and inside drawers. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of all of these too.

But here are a few tips to have a little less clutter in your life.

  1. Pick the area you think needs the most work.
  2. Begin decluttering said area by emptying the clutter into two piles: A. Things to keep, B. things to toss (This can sometimes be the hardest).
  3. Once you have tossed the things that can go, you may have a pretty big “things to keep” pile but not a very big space to keep them in. The trick is to invest in some fun, cute, and even cheap bins or baskets from the Dollar store or even Target to use as storage.
  4. Once you have things sorted and figured out, have fun with where you place things.
  5. Be happy with your results.

How to organize a small closet:

Some of us have big ones, some of us have mediums, and unfortunately some of us have small ones. Small closets are the worst, and they are so difficult to organize. But I’m here to help. Here are a few tips on how to organize and finally clean out that tiny little closet and make it look just a little less cramped.

  1. Start by going through rack by rack and remove everything you haven’t worn in the past year and everything you can’t see yourself wearing in the coming year.

If you still feel like this is something you just can’t get rid of, box it up and bring it down stairs or to a hallway closet, anything to get it out of yours.

  1. Any trash or non-clothing items items being stored in your closet should be sorted and possibly tossed as well.
  2. Remove all shoes or anything at the bottom of your closet and sweep or vacuum to eliminate dust and dirt
  3. Once you’ve sorted and cleaned, reorganize your closet by using shelves and the new spaces on your racks
  4. If you feel confident that the cold is gone for at least the next few months, you could even create some more space in your closet by moving your winter clothing into storage and bring out your summer and spring clothing









How to declutter under the bed:


When you have a small room, you learn to find space to put things even when there’s just no space to be found.  Now whether this space is the most convenient and or the best location for these things is questionable, but it works and over time you’ll learn that’s all you need. But here are a few tips from divaofdiy.com to help clean up that new found space and maybe help make some more.



  1. Find cheap boxes or bins to use as storage and make sure they’re capable of fitting under your bed.
  2. Divide up the things you find into first two piles
    1. Things to keep
    2. Things to toss
  3. Once you’ve decided what you’ll keep begin separating this pile into several others or into as many storage containers you have.
  4. Once you’ve finished separating things label these bins or boxes just to make finding them later a little easier.
  5. Before putting your new storage bins back under your bed makes sure to clean under there too. Move the bed and either sweep or vacuum under there. You never know what three years of piling old stuff can create and or collect as far as dirt and dust are concerned.
  6. Once you’re satisfied place your new storage bins under your bed and be proud of your new decluttered room.