What are students most excited for this summer?

Jayne Heitner: Spending time with my friends and dog, Tucker

Ashley Brueggeman: Heading off to college and meeting new people

Kate Rydland: Leaving for Penn State

Alexandra Anton: Dance

Anna Lapadat: Hanging out with friends

Emilee Jacobson: Going to Europe

Jackson Randle: Being a mentor for kids at the YMCA

Maddie Friedrichs: Working with kids

Madeline Beard: Traveling

Marcus Mcillirath: Going to California

Charles Rank: Traveling to Washington D.C.

Hanna Mcdaniels: Writing

Mary Truong: Being outside

Kenzie Krumm: Nannying

Trevor Divinski: Playing baseball

Natalie Nordskog: Having a lot of free time