What I have learned in the last 4 years


     It’s crazy. Looking back, I had no idea that my last day physically at high school would be my last day.  It’s still absurd grappling with the fact that I won’t be going back and my last day was just a normal day. It’s funny actually because I remember running out of the building as fast as I could with my sister. We weren’t running away from anything. We simply wanted to get to C lot quickly to leave before the busses blocked us. Usually, we don’t do that, and I have no idea why we wanted to leave so quickly that day. 

       But, if I had known that was my last day in high school, I probably would not have left so fast. Or…. maybe I would have. I never really liked high school that much. Maybe I’m overthinking it. I just can’t help but find the irony in it. 

       High school was never something I was especially fond of. I was sleep deprived 90 percent of the time. And my motivation for school was always low. I felt like most of the stuff I was learning was pointless and I’d forget the majority of it instantly after I took the test. That’s not to say I didn’t learn some important material, but I never felt like I was accomplishing much. 

       However, instead of bashing on my high school experience, I’d rather talk about something that I did like; and that was film club. I’ve always had passion for storytelling and filmmaking, and for the longest time I had no one to share it with.  In fact, my freshmen year was the hardest. I had very few friends. I came from a different school system, so I knew practically no one. Joining film club gave me a place where I felt like I could fit in and meet people. It also fulfilled me creatively.

       Before high school I had tried to make a movie numerous times only to fail. When I joined film club, I finally had the inspiration to finish one. I’ve learned that surrounding yourself with people that share your passion is a great way to grow creatively. 

       However, one of the most important things I want to share is this: for anyone struggling to meet people, finding a group that shares the same interests as you is a great way to connect. Whether it is film, theatre, sports, or even math if that’s your thing. It can be hard, especially when joining a group of people you don’t know. However, it is worth it. When you truly love something and share that with others, people will see that. This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my high school years and something I will take forward with me. 

        So while I can’t say I loved high school, I did grow from it. It went by fast. I remember my first day like it was only yesterday. Now I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. Well actually, anything that isn’t sitting around at home.