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Grace Peterson

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Senior year.

      I wish I could say my high school experience was everything I hoped for, but it wasn’t. I feel like people only saw the smile on the outside and not what I was feeling on the inside. I slowly learned that faking your happiness never works. That’s why I’m so thankful that I truly found myself this year and learned not to care about what others think about me.

      I honestly can say that not everyone is going to love high school, but it’s a way to learn and grow as you become an adult. Yes, all sporting events were crazy fun to go to, but it definitely was not my favorite part.  It was seriously getting to know new, different people. I was able to do this through the Eyrie, dance team, Connect 9 and more. I know it’s cheesy when the big scary senior is telling you to join as many clubs as you can, but they were right. Getting involved is what made my senior year.

      I’m very fortunate to have found an amazing group of friends that got me through high school and made it all worth it. Even though we’re going to be separated in a couple months, they will always hold a very special place in my heart. These past four years have been an overall life-changing learning experience that I will never forget. It seriously flies by, so soak up all the memories you can. Eden Prairie High School has taught me to be independent and always stand up for myself. Now it’s time to keep staying positive and get ready for the bigger things in life. Time to meet new people and start our own journey as adults. 

      Our year might have been cut off short, but we’ll be the ones everyone remembers…