Science Olympiad team advances to state tournament


Over the past weekend, the Eden Prairie High School Science Olympiad Team competed against other schools in a science-related regional tournament. Science Olympiad is a committed season activity that students participate in and meet Fridays after school to research and study. There are build events and test events that are based on design and the quick-thinking of the competitors.

Varsity and junior varsity contenders from EPHS ranked between first and third place during regional tournament, in total included 27 pairings. Lucas Pham, who won first place in Dynamic Planet and second place in Invasive Species, commented on his hopes and dreams for his team and himself by stating, ”I want to make it to nationals. It’s tough but if we work hard enough we can make it.” Only 15 people will continue onto state after the Science Olympiad season comes to an end.

Cheer on the Science Olympiad team for their state tournament on March 4th.