Speech spotlight


On Monday, March 13th, at 6 p.m. in the auditorium the Eden Prairie speech team will be hosting their annual speech spotlight. The Speech Spotlight is a performance by the six top members of the speech team. The performance is used as a practice for the kids to get used to performing in front of large crowds. The speech spotlight is also a great way to show people what speech is all about and what they do. The performance will be free and the team would really appreciate the support.

Some of senior Sally Pearson’s favorite parts of speech are that, “You meet a lot of different people, you have drama kids, kids involved in Science Olympiad and just kids from all over the school.” Pearson has also said that speech is a great way to gain self confidence and that “you learn to find motivation within yourself”. Speech helps kids build skills that they could use in many scenarios, such as work ethic for both schooling and jobs, as well as social skills. “You get used to working under pressure, you get things done,” said Pearson of the fast paced and hands on work ethic of the speech team.

As for the competitions, the speech team performs at eight different competitions throughout the season, which are held all throughout the metro. “You won’t always get the results you want every single week, but you do see improvement within yourself,” said Sally.

For anyone looking to join the speech team next year, auditions begin late September early October and the team begins practicing in November. There is always a speech team booth at the activities fair at the beginning of the school year.

Be sure to come cheer on the speech team on Monday, March 13th, at 6pm in the auditorium.