Travel opportunities


Each year since 1989, EPHS has organized a trip to either Europe or Egypt. Mrs. Skaar-Meier has been taking students abroad on history and cultural tours with ACIS since then. Around 25-30 kids go on each trip, more or less.

Whether it’s a 10-day trip over Spring Break or the week after school ends in June, this traveling experience is hard to pass up. Meetings occur once a month, and include student ambassadors for each trip that earn money toward their expenses. Mrs. Skaar-Meier is currently taking applications for Student Ambassador for the Spring Break 2018 Peru trip.

Where they travel: Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Egypt, and Peru.

“The gift of traveling with your students is seeing them bring the history that they are learning in class to life! When they walk in the steps of history, they truly become global citizens. That is my goal…to make their world, the whole world,” said Mrs. Skaar-Meier