Fall Fashion

Nikko Phillips, Staff Writer and PR Manager

Fall is a season for new fashion. New styles, trends and colors. Some great trends and pieces for this season are flannels. Flannels are perfect for layering and very easy to throw on along with a tee or undershirt, and layering during this season is key. Another could be sweaters. With the colder weather approaching, we need to start wearing warmer clothes, and sweaters are perfect. They’re comfy, cute and warm. Another is the change in color scheme, more warm tones like reds, oranges and yellows are most fitting for this season. There are so many ways to style fall clothing pieces and personalize them. Here are some awesome fall outfits.















 Sharon Michael, senior,  is wearing a sweater from Express and Adidas sneakers.














Adia Botterman, senior, is wearing a sweater and jeans from Target, paired with Dr. Martens.














Maddy Pond, senior, is wearing a thrifted flannel top, American Eagle jeans, and thrifted silver accessories paired with Nike Air Force 1’s.














Porter Kregness, senior, is wearing a Lacoste quarter zip-up, along with American Eagle khakis and Nike Neon Seoul Air Max 97’s. 














Benjamin McCullough, junior, is wearing a “Golden Girls” tee, and Dickie’s pants, both thrifted, and a jacket from Kohl’s, paired with Vans Slip-On’s.














Kyle Berndt, junior, is wearing a thrifted flannel over a tee from EMT Records, with thrifted pants and High Top Converse.