My emo heart is revived: “amo” review

Four years after their last emo album, British band Bring Me The Horizon recently came out with a new album titled “amo.” The hard rock heartthrob band was known for its depressing songs like “Drown” and “Can You Feel My Heart,” but the new album is completely separate from their old style.

I knew that their edgy phase was over, but I was surprised to hear the intro song, “i apologise if you feel something,” show off a new pop punk sound that has never before even touched the band.

Thankfully, Bring Me The Horizon hasn’t abandoned their usual hardcore sound. Songs like “MANTRA,” “in the dark” and “medicine” still nod back to the band’s same old outcast ambiance. Even the collaborations on the album, including abstract pop genius Grimes, middle-aged rock veteran Dani Filth and old school rapper and beatboxer Rahzel, are, as one song is titled, “heavy metal.”

Another shocker in “amo” is a love song titled “mother tongue.” The song is slower and more peaceful compared to any of the band’s other music, so I highly recommend giving it a listen if you’re not into loud teenager music.

The new sound of the album is hard to pinpoint, but it mixes the band’s old rock music with piano and violin melodies. Songs like “ouch” and “sugar honey ice & tea” are some of the best in the album because of the calming yet upbeat background tunes.

Overall, the album is a glimpse into the band’s upcoming style, and I’m not too upset that they abandoned the years-old emo sound. The singing and instrumentals are still excellent quality, so I see no problem with the new music. As long as the music isn’t bad, the new style isn’t bad either.