Whitney Reek

Eden Prairie's Finest

Grade: 11

Q: What has been your favorite experience at the Eden Prairie High School?

A: My favorite experiences are basically when I get to spend time with friends, like reuniting with Sawyer after our distance in 8th grade.


Q: Do you think that the art classes have escalated your art skills?

A: Yes, the teachers give you good tips and being forced to practice. Otherwise I would just watch Netflix and not practice new techniques.


Q: Is there a particular art class that you have enjoyed the most?

A: Drawing 2. I just really like the atmosphere because it was a small class. We got to sit around and draw each other. It was really fun. You grow a bond with the people you take art classes with. You get through the pain of the work by enjoying it together.  


Q: What medium of art helps express your artistic ability? Is there a reason you enjoy using it?

A: Pencil because that’s mostly what I use. I like using toilet paper to shade because it is super funny. Ebony pencils made of super soft lead and it gets messy. It makes you look really artistic.


Q: Is there any person that has been a motivating force for you and your art?

A: Ms. Ebert was a motivating force in getting me to practice new techniques. She is very good at telling you, in a nice way,  what to fix with good techniques and suggestions. Sawyer Hilt really motivates me because he pushes me to be a better artist. His constructive criticism help me to get better.